Fishing Report


Hurry up and wait.

It is the time of year when the anticipation of fly anglers is at an all time high… right along with most of the rivers in Idaho! With a record snowfall in March and April in Sun Valley and surrounding area mountains, most of our freestone rivers are at flood stage currently and it will be another month or month and a half before water levels recede to allow fishing.  This scenario forces many anglers into the few places where water levels are manageable. Spring Creeks, like Silver Creek, do not suffer from the snowmelt runoff and will provide anglers with angling opportunities after opening day. Do not expect solitude on Silver Creek as it can get busy this time of year when all the other rivers in the state are simply not fishable.  For the majority of June, Silver Creek will be the only game in town and therefore will be crowded at popular times (mid morning to cocktail hour).  It’s still fun and a good time can be had with the correct outlook -- Just relax, be kind and remember it's just fishing folks.  As we progress through summer, more and more waters will open up and the fishing options will spread people out.  The bonus to all of this: Lots and lots of cold water for our fishy friends - They need it!  

Silver Creek

Opening week can be one of the best weeks for catching fish on Silver Creek!  This watershed has been closed for months, and the fish have not seen a fly or been caught in a while. This makes for willing fish and some good catch rates.  After the first week however, this will not be the case as these fish wise up quickly and will not tolerate less than perfect drifts and exact fly matches.  June typically sees some solid PMD, Callibaetis and Baetis hatches during the warmest parts of the day. When fish are not looking up, searching likely water with small nymphs, ants and beetles, will be productive.  PMD patterns in sizes 14-18, Baetis patterns in 20-24, and Callibaetis in sizes 16-18 will work when the hatches are happening.  A split case PMD nymph or Pheasant Tail nymph in size 16-18 is a solid choice for hanging under a small strike indicator when nothing else seems to be happening.  The Brown Drake hatch should happen sometime in the first half of June, weather depending.  It is likely that it will be a week or so later than typical with our late winter and cool wet spring weather.  When the Brown Drakes start up this is an event not to be missed and draws anglers from all over to experience this magical time just before dark. 

Big Wood

Come back in July!

Flows are over 3,000 cfs as of this writing. When the river gets under 1,000 cfs some side channels open up, and at 600 cfs more water begins to open up for fishing.  

Copper Basin

Come back in July!

Flows are too high.

Big Lost River (Lower)

As of this writing, flows are over 1,300 cubic feet per second.  Water levels need to get down to 400 cfs before this is a viable fishing option. Maybe in July?

South Fork of the Boise

Flows are too high for hard boats or wade anglers. Stay safe, don’t attempt until flows subside.

Lake Creek Pond, Penny Lake, and Hayspur Fish Hatchery

These kid and family friendly locations have been stocked and are ready!

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