Trip Summary

If you have ever been interested in learning to fly-fish this is your chance to do so in a supportive environment.  Sun Valley Outfitters women’s fly-fishing clinic is ideal for the person who knows absolutely nothing about fishing or has perhaps tried it a couple times but does not feel like they have enough of a foundation to grow.  Come join us for a couple of nights where asking questions is encouraged, knowing very little is perfectly ok, and walk away with the very basics you need to determine if this popular sport is for you.  Best of all, meet a bunch of other women who are looking to try fishing as well and maybe meet your next fishing partner.

Over two nights the guides of Sun Valley Outfitters will walk you through the basics you need to understand how to catch fish and the basic skills to get your gear all set up. Day one we will teach you the fundamentals of how and why to choose flies, the knots used to set up your gear, what gear to use where and when, the basics of how to cast and how to understand the regulations around fishing.  On the second night we will meet at the river and go over the basics of wading, how to read the water, how to know where the fish will be, line management and a number of other useful things to help get you on your way towards a successful fishing hobby (that if you’re not careful becomes a lifestyle).

Call us at 208-928-7843 or visit shop to sign up today.  Space is limited and filling up VERY fast.

Each night of the clinic is 2 hours, from 6pm to 8pm.

Trip at a glance

Price Range
Half Day
June - August
Who is this trip for?

Women looking to try out fly-fishing


First evening: Dry land training 

• Explore basic entomology – the lifecycle of insects, how to match lifecycle stages to fly-fishing flies, when & which insects to expect to see in the local areas

• Various fly-fishing gear & it’s uses

• Basic & necessary knots

• How to hold a rod & casting 101

• How to play a fish

• Idaho Fish & Game Regulations


Second Evening: HIT THE WATER!!! 

• The second evening will see you meeting your guide on the river and taking the knowledge from your first evening and actively applying it in a live situation.

• Learn:

o Wading 101

o Aquatic insect identification

o how to read water

o where we anticipate fish to be feeding

o different ways in which fish feed & which flies to use

o Line management (mending, skating, etc.)

Travel Info

Ketchum Clinic - July 12 & 14, August 2 & 4

Night one location - Sun Valley Outfitters shop

Night two location - Big Wood River, exact location to be announced in first class.

Packing List

Day one - 

You don’t need much.  Show up with a bottle of water and excitement to learn and have fun.

We will let you know everything you need for day two at the day one session.